Thursday, July 30, 2009

Street Pastor - Prince Among Thieves Vol. 1 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Street Pastor has dropped yet another free mixtape on us! This is the first of 3 Sessions that he already has finished! Tagged as one of the Midwest most respected underground artist, his buzz is landing him national acclaim from many publications, including the LifeStyles Behind The Game magazine; which profiles NBA players and their off the court endeavors, as well as MTV famed blogsite KingsRowe.Com.

Many are being exposed to The Gospel, Street Pastor is definitely the next up when it comes to HHH Music!

Look out for a review coming soon.


01. Flatline Daily
02. Prince Among Thieves Pt. 1
03. Let The Record Drop Freestyle
04. Where I'm From
05. Big Chain Nothin
06. Prince's Address 1
07. Nat Turner (feat. Trev-Eaz)
08. I Don't Care
09. The Facebook Game
10. Christ Swag (feat. Trev-Eaz)
11. Prince's Address 2
12. Who Say? (At They Neck)
13. Kazekstan Caller
14. Just A Memory...
15. Style Fly Freestyle
16. Mighty Oh Freestyle
17. Candy Rain
18. Prince's Address 3
19. Dezert Eagle Freestyle (feat. Eshon Burgandy)
20. Resist (feat. Swoope)
21. Throw the Oop (feat. J-Flue)
22. On My Own - Outro
23. Get @ Me!
24. Knock Ya Down (Freestyle)

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